Electrostatic Painting Benefits

A tougher, more attractive coating

Electrostatic painting involves using equipment that magnetically attracts paint to the desired surface. Although this method will cost you a bit more than conventional painting, it's more satisfying and economical in the long run. The object or surface will look much better, and it won't need repainting as quickly as it normally would.

How it Works

A painter can use powder or liquid paint to apply an electrostatic coating. The equipment electrically charges this substance as it passes through the sprayer or sits in a tank. This causes every particle of paint to move away from the other particles. At the same time, the target surface is electrically grounded. It attracts the paint as a result.


1. Versatility
Contractors primarily use this method to coat metal objects in commercial and industrial settings. Among other things, this technology can help a business paint machines, pipes, poles or fencing. It works most efficiently with objects that can accept an electrical charge. However, it's also feasible to coat non-metal surfaces with the help of a special type of primer.

2. Efficiency
Ninety-eight percent of the paint successfully reaches its intended surface, according to Angie's List. The equipment attracts and recovers most excess particles. This protects the environment even as it helps minimize expenses. On the other hand, traditional sprayers waste about three-fifths of their paint. It often misses the target, especially under windy conditions.

3. Less Mess
The efficient nature of electrostatic painting protects nearby surfaces and items as well. You probably won't need to spend time cleaning up excess paint. This also means that painters don't have to protect as many surfaces from overspray. Consequently, you'll benefit from lower labor costs and faster completion.

4. Durability
An electrostatic coating will adhere to an object rather tightly. It won't easily chip or wear off. This painting method also coats edges and uneven surfaces quite uniformly. The paint doesn't accumulate heavily in some spots while remaining thin in others. This ensures that it has a highly professional appearance and lasts longer than conventional coatings.

As its name suggests, electrostatic painting has the potential to cause electrical shocks when people fail to take precautions. Be sure to find a skilled painter with specialized training and tools. Arizona businesses frequently turn to BGB Painting when they need this service. Our experienced staff uses top-notch supplies and well-maintained equipment. We've earned an impressive 4.7-star rating on HomeAdvisor. For further details or a quote, please contact BGB's commercial painting experts today.

4 Benefits of Stucco Siding in Arizona

For Arizona businesses and homes, stucco siding is a durable choice with style.

In the warm heat of Arizona, stucco remains a popular choice for residential and commercial siding. Although stucco can be an expensive option, it does offer several clear benefits over other siding options, including low maintenance needs. This durability reduces the overall lifetime cost of stucco. Stucco is also a good choice for those inspired by Southwest design and for those who want a siding option that is customizable.

Low Maintenance and Durable

Stucco siding is made from lime, cement and silica placed over a metal or wood frame. Together, these elements create a durable shell that can last for decades with minimal maintenance. Stucco is particularly durable in areas without frequent rainfall, making it a good choice for buildings in Arizona. Finally, stucco is also resistant to fire, reducing the likelihood of a catastrophic blaze destroying your most treasured possessions.

Paintable Surface

Although you can pick almost any color when first placing stucco, it is possible to change the color later with paint. If your stucco siding is looking old and worn, a fresh coat of paint can revive it. Some preparation is required to paint a stucco surface, including ensuring that the surface is completely dry and cured. After its initial application, stucco requires about 60 days to fully cure.

Southwestern Style

Stucco is used by many home and business owners in the Southwest and harkens to Spanish architectural influences. Using stucco on your home or business gives you the freedom to make several design choices, including the pigment of your stucco. You can also choose to adjust the smoothness of the material and can incorporate interesting design choices into your building, including adding rockwork and curved lines.

Excellent Energy Regulation

Stucco is a great siding material for energy regulation in desert climates, including Arizona. During the cool winter, the durable material keeps heat inside your home. In the heat of summer, the material keeps extreme heat out of your home, helping to ease the load your air conditioner must bear.

Located in Gilbert, Arizona, BGB Painting is a commercial and residential painting company. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about what we can do for the stucco siding of your business or home.

Common Myths About Exterior Home Painting in Summer

It's no secret: Arizona has hot, sunny days almost year-round. Sure it gets hot in the summer, but that's no reason to put off those home maintenance chores. When it comes to exterior residential & commercial painting, many homeowners in the Greater Phoenix area believe that it's best to wait until the winter. After all, the sun and the extreme heat would surely melt the newly applied paint, right? If people believed every myth out there, no one would ever get any painting done in the state.

Painters don't work in the summer to avoid heat stroke

Painting exteriors in the summer takes its toll on professional painters, but they're equipped to handle the job. They're also smart and will oftentimes schedule the work during the early morning hours to avoid the heat of the day.

The paint won't have time to cure

Scheduling an early-morning painting session not only helps the painters to avoid extreme temperatures but also gives the paint time to cure. Acrylic paint dries quickly as long as it's applied correctly. Doing the job yourself may sound like a penny saved, but a lot of time and effort goes into the overall chore. If you don't prep the exterior or if you apply thick coats at the wrong time of the day, it could result in a big mess, lost time and more money. Professional painters understand how and when to apply exterior paint in the hot Arizona summer.

All exterior paint is affected by the heat

Heat isn't the only thing that affects exterior acrylic paint. Moisture, the paint brand and the application method also affect the cure time and the final result. We use Dunn-Edwards Evershield acrylic paint for our exterior projects. It has special ingredients to protect against UV color fade, cracking, blistering and other unwanted effects. It also has ultra-low volatile compounds, making it resist hot temperatures on stucco, concrete, wood and other building materials.

3 Common Reasons to Paint in the Summer

  • Must adhere to the homeowners' association guidelines
  • Purchased a new home and can't wait to update the exterior
  • Selling a home and need to make the exterior look presentable

Interested in having the exterior of your home or commercial building painted? Contact BGB Painting for a thorough evaluation of your home. Our experienced team can walk you through the process, help you with color compatibility and ensure a unified look to match the surrounding landscape.

Why Winter is a Great Time for Exterior Painting

Get a Head Start on Spring by Having Your Home Painted Now

For many of us, winter is a time for hibernation. Cooler temperatures and the fatigue that often follows the holiday rush have us longing for daily naps and evenings by the fireplace. This may be when we need a pick-me-up most, though, and home improvements can definitely be uplifting.

Now is the time
If you've been thinking about having your home's exterior painted, winter is actually the perfect time to do so. Although we often think of spring as the time to remodel or make other improvements, the time is right to give those exterior walls a face lift. Leveraging this time spent indoors means you’ll have an ample amount of time for that nagging painting project and you can even enlist family members.

The Professional Approach
If you prefer to be there when painting crews come to refresh your home’s exterior, this is the best time to have work done. During the warmer months, family outings are likely to dampen your enthusiasm for home-based chores. If your household is weather sensitive, TV and video games may win out over the great outdoors on chilly winter days.

Book Now
There's also a very practical reason to have your home's exterior painted now. Painting companies are likely to be booked solid during the warmer months. Our calendar is usually lined with back-to-back jobs all summer long. We would love to be able to handle every request we get immediately, but it just isn't possible when everyone has home remodeling projects on their minds.

We're happy to give up our summer days to serve our customers, but we're just as happy to handle your exterior wall painting needs during the winter.
If you'd like to get ahead of the warm-weather rush and get a whole-home reboot well in advance of spring break, contact BGB Painting in Gilbert AZ now. We serve residential and commercial customers in Gilbert and the entire East Valley area.

How to Get Long Life Out of an Exterior Paint Job

Painting the exterior of your home or commercial building is an important task, but it’s also time-consuming and complex, so it’s not something you’ll want to do too often. Fortunately, there are simple ways to make your exterior paint job last as long as possible so that you won’t have to invest as much time, money or elbow grease into the task over the years. Here are a few important guidelines for getting the most time and value out of your exterior painting project.

Surface Prep Tips

  1. Never paint over dirt, chalk, mold or flaky old paint. Clean all surfaces thoroughly prior to painting including siding and trim. Scrape and sand if necessary to remove old paint.
  2. Replace or repair any areas that are damaged.
  3. Remove rust from fasteners or other metal objects.
  4. Rinse all surfaces after cleaning.
  5. Repair any existing water leaks before painting.
  6. Apply primer if needed.

Paint Selection

Make sure you use the right type of paint for the job. For exterior painting, latex-based paint is a common choice. Latex dries fast, it’s better for the environment, and it’s less vulnerable to mold and mildew. When painting steps, porches, metal railings, and other high-traffic areas, oil-based paint offers more durability.

Applying Coats

How you apply your paint can also affect its longevity. Be sure that all exposed areas including bottoms and sides are completely covered. Apply at least two coats over a primer. If possible, avoid painting in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures; this causes paint to dry too quickly, which can create visible seams and uneven surfaces. Never paint a wet surface. Allow each coat to dry for a few days if necessary.

Different Surfaces Require Different Techniques

  1. When painting siding, start at the top. Using a wide brush, paint horizontally along the tops and bottoms of sideboards, and then paint vertically along the right and left trims. Fill in unpainted areas with a paint roller.
  2. Before painting stucco, apply masonry primer. Use a roller grid to apply paint to the surface. A roller with a thick nap is necessary to fill in crevices and distribute paint evenly.
  3. If you’re painting brick, seal the cracks with acrylic caulk, and then apply a latex primer to the entire surface. Using a paint sprayer is the most effective way to cover brick.

Skip the Work: Let BGB Painting Perfect Your Exterior

If you don’t have the time or energy to devote to a major painting project, don’t worry. You’re not alone, and we can help. At BGB Painting, we know how important quality work is to our East Valley painting clients. We adhere to the highest professional standards, use the best products available and ensure that your project gets the care and attention it deserves.

Our experienced painters perform every necessary step to ensure a durable, precision exterior paint job that stands up to the elements and looks great for years. Visit us online to learn more about our services and request a free estimate.

Now is the Time for Pre-Holiday Painting

Refresh Your Home for the Holidays

The weeks leading up to the holidays are a busy time for homeowners. You're probably thinking about tidying your home and decorating for events with your friends and family. As you make plans to transform your home to delight visitors and guests, don't forget the importance of painting. Hiring a contractor fresh exterior painting before mid-November is a great way to spruce up your home, brighten your space and get ready for the busy winter season.

Why Pre-Holiday Painting is Practically a Must

A fresh coat of exterior paint can brighten your home and instantly give your house a renewed fresh look. If you’re planning on decorating your home for the holidays, you’re probably envisioning how you'll light up your exterior with lights and festive ornaments. So it may seem like a busy time of year to have your home painted. However, new paint can actually cut down on the time it takes you to clean and decorate. Fresh paint covers faded or dingy walls and can quickly transform the appearance of any exterior. When you hire a professional to take care of the job, you can also cut down on the amount of time you need to spend cleaning and masking. Leave it to the pros to get it finished fast.

How to Create a Painting Project Plan

If you've decided that now is the right time to have your home painted, you should start by creating a painting project plan. This plan will help your contractor better understand your priorities. Thankfully, creating a project plan only takes a few simple steps.

  1. Create a list of exterior areas to paint.
  2. Decide what color scheme you want to use for each area.
  3. Select colors for main areas, trims, and other details if applicable. Remember to match with any existing color schemes, e.g. your roof, landscaping, and interior.
  4. Contact a painting contractor to tackle your project.

Looking for inspiration? You can use a painting visualizer to preview your new look. Look at the BGB Painting Gallery to see some of our past work.  Are you ready to talk with a pro in the East Valley area about your pre-holiday painting plans? Contact the friendly staff at BGB Painting today to set up an appointment or request a free estimate.