4 Benefits of Stucco Siding in Arizona

For Arizona businesses and homes, stucco siding is a durable choice with style.

In the warm heat of Arizona, stucco remains a popular choice for residential and commercial siding. Although stucco can be an expensive option, it does offer several clear benefits over other siding options, including low maintenance needs. This durability reduces the overall lifetime cost of stucco. Stucco is also a good choice for those inspired by Southwest design and for those who want a siding option that is customizable.

Low Maintenance and Durable

Stucco siding is made from lime, cement and silica placed over a metal or wood frame. Together, these elements create a durable shell that can last for decades with minimal maintenance. Stucco is particularly durable in areas without frequent rainfall, making it a good choice for buildings in Arizona. Finally, stucco is also resistant to fire, reducing the likelihood of a catastrophic blaze destroying your most treasured possessions.

Paintable Surface

Although you can pick almost any color when first placing stucco, it is possible to change the color later with paint. If your stucco siding is looking old and worn, a fresh coat of paint can revive it. Some preparation is required to paint a stucco surface, including ensuring that the surface is completely dry and cured. After its initial application, stucco requires about 60 days to fully cure.

Southwestern Style

Stucco is used by many home and business owners in the Southwest and harkens to Spanish architectural influences. Using stucco on your home or business gives you the freedom to make several design choices, including the pigment of your stucco. You can also choose to adjust the smoothness of the material and can incorporate interesting design choices into your building, including adding rockwork and curved lines.

Excellent Energy Regulation

Stucco is a great siding material for energy regulation in desert climates, including Arizona. During the cool winter, the durable material keeps heat inside your home. In the heat of summer, the material keeps extreme heat out of your home, helping to ease the load your air conditioner must bear.

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