Electrostatic Painting Benefits

A tougher, more attractive coating

Electrostatic painting involves using equipment that magnetically attracts paint to the desired surface. Although this method will cost you a bit more than conventional painting, it's more satisfying and economical in the long run. The object or surface will look much better, and it won't need repainting as quickly as it normally would.

How it Works

A painter can use powder or liquid paint to apply an electrostatic coating. The equipment electrically charges this substance as it passes through the sprayer or sits in a tank. This causes every particle of paint to move away from the other particles. At the same time, the target surface is electrically grounded. It attracts the paint as a result.


1. Versatility
Contractors primarily use this method to coat metal objects in commercial and industrial settings. Among other things, this technology can help a business paint machines, pipes, poles or fencing. It works most efficiently with objects that can accept an electrical charge. However, it's also feasible to coat non-metal surfaces with the help of a special type of primer.

2. Efficiency
Ninety-eight percent of the paint successfully reaches its intended surface, according to Angie's List. The equipment attracts and recovers most excess particles. This protects the environment even as it helps minimize expenses. On the other hand, traditional sprayers waste about three-fifths of their paint. It often misses the target, especially under windy conditions.

3. Less Mess
The efficient nature of electrostatic painting protects nearby surfaces and items as well. You probably won't need to spend time cleaning up excess paint. This also means that painters don't have to protect as many surfaces from overspray. Consequently, you'll benefit from lower labor costs and faster completion.

4. Durability
An electrostatic coating will adhere to an object rather tightly. It won't easily chip or wear off. This painting method also coats edges and uneven surfaces quite uniformly. The paint doesn't accumulate heavily in some spots while remaining thin in others. This ensures that it has a highly professional appearance and lasts longer than conventional coatings.

As its name suggests, electrostatic painting has the potential to cause electrical shocks when people fail to take precautions. Be sure to find a skilled painter with specialized training and tools. Arizona businesses frequently turn to BGB Painting when they need this service. Our experienced staff uses top-notch supplies and well-maintained equipment. We've earned an impressive 4.7-star rating on HomeAdvisor. For further details or a quote, please contact BGB's commercial painting experts today.

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