Common Myths About Exterior Home Painting in Summer

It's no secret: Arizona has hot, sunny days almost year-round. Sure it gets hot in the summer, but that's no reason to put off those home maintenance chores. When it comes to exterior residential & commercial painting, many homeowners in the Greater Phoenix area believe that it's best to wait until the winter. After all, the sun and the extreme heat would surely melt the newly applied paint, right? If people believed every myth out there, no one would ever get any painting done in the state.

Painters don't work in the summer to avoid heat stroke

Painting exteriors in the summer takes its toll on professional painters, but they're equipped to handle the job. They're also smart and will oftentimes schedule the work during the early morning hours to avoid the heat of the day.

The paint won't have time to cure

Scheduling an early-morning painting session not only helps the painters to avoid extreme temperatures but also gives the paint time to cure. Acrylic paint dries quickly as long as it's applied correctly. Doing the job yourself may sound like a penny saved, but a lot of time and effort goes into the overall chore. If you don't prep the exterior or if you apply thick coats at the wrong time of the day, it could result in a big mess, lost time and more money. Professional painters understand how and when to apply exterior paint in the hot Arizona summer.

All exterior paint is affected by the heat

Heat isn't the only thing that affects exterior acrylic paint. Moisture, the paint brand and the application method also affect the cure time and the final result. We use Dunn-Edwards Evershield acrylic paint for our exterior projects. It has special ingredients to protect against UV color fade, cracking, blistering and other unwanted effects. It also has ultra-low volatile compounds, making it resist hot temperatures on stucco, concrete, wood and other building materials.

3 Common Reasons to Paint in the Summer

  • Must adhere to the homeowners' association guidelines
  • Purchased a new home and can't wait to update the exterior
  • Selling a home and need to make the exterior look presentable

Interested in having the exterior of your home or commercial building painted? Contact BGB Painting for a thorough evaluation of your home. Our experienced team can walk you through the process, help you with color compatibility and ensure a unified look to match the surrounding landscape.

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