Give prospective buyers and renters a fresh, clean slate on which to project their interior decorating dreams. Just as a neutral color scheme lets prospects imagine their furniture and decorations against a backdrop free of distractions, pristine walls and ceilings offer an immaculate background ripe for imagining their future lives.

Impress Prospects with a New Coat of Interior Paint

Even if you don't tell anyone their potential next home was recently painted, they're likely to notice. Although small imperfections may not be instantly noticeable, freshly painted interior walls have a smooth, flawless look that definitely makes an impact. Fresh color creates a subtle yet powerful impression on all who enter. Faux finishes, specialty coatings and other finishing touches take your renewal efforts to the next level.

Along with professional landscaping, new gutters and eye-catching entrances, your property will grab the attention of passersby if you update the outdoor paint. Exterior painting gives you the option to bring an up-to-the-minute color into the mix. It also helps your house or apartment building stand out from other properties on the block. Ask your accountant if you can deduct painting expenses to really maximize your return on investment.

In addition to bringing contemporary properties into the present, BGB Painting offers interior and exterior painting services for historic homes. Don't trust this service to just any painting company. We understand the need to comply with strict historical society standards. We work with you and your local society to ensure that any improvements made won't alter the character or period-specific feel of your house.

When it comes to painting your rental or flipped properties, the sky is the limit. We serve our commercial customers' interior and exterior painting needs, including specialty services. In addition to standard painting services to suit any budget, we provide textured painting, faux finishes and other custom services for a unique look. Exceed prospective renters' and buyers' expectations with properties that make them want to move right in. Your properties won't just look appealing; they'll ooze personality thanks to textural details, exciting graphics and wall coverings. Call or contact us today to find out how BGB Painting can elevate your rental property in Gilbert, AZ and the greater Phoenix area.