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We've been in business since 2004, when two best high school friends, Blake & Kendall, started tackling local painting projects to earn money to live abroad. Once returning to the United States a few years later, we picked up where we left off and have been running and growing it ever since. BGB Painting is supported by an extraordinary team of professionals who are highly skilled in their trade. Each one tackles projects specific to their skill set to ensure each job gets the best possible application for each step of the process.

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Pressure wash complete exterior of exterior home surfaces from top to bottom (what BGB will be painting thereafter) throughout all surface areas with a commercial heavy duty 4,000 PSI pressure washer. This includes all fascia, eaves, stucco areas as well as doors, gates, etc.

Power wash exterior walls throughout, including Soffits, Stucco building walls, Stucco Footer Walls, Doors, Fascia, Garbage enclosure walls, Fence walls, Perimeter Walls Included, etc…

*Give at least 1 day for dry time before return for preparation and paint.

Cover all windows, doors, concrete flooring/tile throughout, roof shingles/tiles, light textures, landscaping, etc. This will ensure all precautionary measures are taken to prevent unnecessary over-spray. Pull away rocks from foundation approximately 8-12 inches back and down approximately 2-4 inches deep.

The following items represent our process and procedures post-power wash and post preparation.

The additional procedures and descriptions below pertaining to the scope would be anything that goes above and beyond the minimum standard or to further elaborate. This in order to ensure the absolute highest quality, product, workmanship, application are achieved for this project.

The entire project will be done in accordance with manufacturer specications as outlined in the Dunn Edwards specications sheets on a per product basis.

Everything contained in that document will be strictly adhered to as a minimum standard for project completion. This includes all Scope details, Specic Areas of concern, Materials, Protection of Substrates not to be painted, Product Information Standards, Resolution of Conflicts, Coordination of Work, Safety, Job site Protocol, Surface Preparation, Finish Schedule, Moisture/Weather recommendations, Application, Workmanship & Application Conditions, Color Schedule, Warranty information, etc…More specfic details regarding this specfic project scope is contained in the pricing grid section.

Start from the foundation by scraping off all flaking paint & stucco that is loose. Once the surface is prepped, if option is selected on proposal, we will treat by applying Dry Lok from DE to all areas that are damaged due to moister around entire foundation. Typically only areas of concern receive treatment of Dry Lok or Elastomeric. In this case BGB is proposing to coat entire foundation areas along home buildings as well as retaining walls in an effort to prevent as much moisture deterioration as possible. *Remove rusted or deteriorated “weep screed” metal material at top of foundation if necessary prior to prep and paint as requested and shown in image.


*Any cracking above approx 1/8th of an inch will need some sort of patch material and will not fill using paint alone.

Standard protocol:

*Scrape off all flaking paint & stucco from each of the walls throughout all substrates, patch these areas using “ElastoKote” from DE to all flaking stucco or damaged areas as well a filling in all cracks throughout. This high quality patch material is unlike others in that it is not a “caulk” base compound but is rather a “100% pure elastomeric compound patch.” This provides much more exibility, does not shrink and most importantly minimizes “ashing” of paint once applied. This term “ashing” applies to the amount that it reflects and shows the imperfections after it has been patched and painted.
Prime throughout as necessary prior to paint application using EZ-Prime premium primer for wood or Bloc Rust primer for metal from DE.

*This is the option that is included in standard prep but can change the textural pattern of the stucco causing it to become potentially visible after the top coat of paint. Especially in rough textured finishes. The photo illustrates how the finished look can turn out when the textural pattern changes from the patch material as described. *These streaks do stand out the most at first due to the brand new sheen of the paint but do dissipate significantly over time.

If recommended or requested we can investigate a more aggressive option. Such options are listed below:

Above and beyond protocol for additional charge: Due to the change in textural pattern of stucco we may also suggest a more involved process that can help better mask this texture difference. But these would potentially require additional labor and cost.

Option 1: Apply multiple coats (spray application) of “Flex Prime” by DE at all troubled cracking areas. This contains flexible elastomeric material that gets into the cracks to fill and helps to be as preventative as possible (settling cracks still may return but this gives a flexible layer to help expand rather than break/crack). This option is best served for smaller cracks or areas with many spider cracks running all over a given surface. Thicker cracks however would be better served using option 2 listed below

Option 2: Fill in cracks with “Elastokote” such as in the standard protocol PLUS back roll entire surface corner to corner or complete house. This keeps texture consistent so we can not only fill in cracks but make look uniform as to not show visible streaks after paint is applied. This will have an added benefit of supplying additional “Mil Thickness” to the surface for better protection. This is the absolute best protocol but is far more extensive. Application process for this is as follows:

-Apply “Elastokote” material to to all cracks .
-spray coat plus back roll (done simultaneously),
-lastly a final spray coat for the top coating (technically 3 coats).

*Synthetic stucco homes are ALWAYS RECOMMENDED to follow this protocol. Separate cost will be listed on proposal as additional. Surfaces have never been coated with any type of paint. Synthetic stucco has a colorant added to the material as opposed to a paint coating so they suck up much more product. There is no such thing as a patch repair for a synthetic stucco surface since it is like a plastic it will always show. Therefore this process is the only one possible if there is cracking of any kind to make it look uniform.

*Limited liability waiver for synthetic stucco homes: If a home owner does not select to go with the upgraded option specifically recommended by BGB (either option 1 or 2 depending on the circumstance), BGB is not responsible for final finish appearance expectation standard.

Applicable if needed and quoted on the proposal

*Stucco repair is different from stucco patch and requires a separate specialty tradesman to apply Anything above and beyond custom patch will need a stucco repair.
Exterior Stucco Scope (where necessary – if “synthetic stucco” a completely different process listed above would be required):

Standard stucco
-Cover with plastic area as needed
-Clean & remove loose stucco from area
-Apply (2) 1⁄4 inch coats of stucco to damaged area
-Prime new stucco area once cured
-Paint 2 coat process from corner to corner where repair is located

Standard protocol:

Scrape as necessary down to get all loose and flaking material off prior to treatment. Treat by filling in all joints where boards come together. Treat sections where extremely dry and deteriorated with “Elastokote” to supply that flexible material and improve the surface. Standard to do what is minimal.

Above and beyond protocol for additional charge:

When it is determined that a home is in an excessive state of weathered and deteriorated condition on wood surfaces, an additional charge may need to be applied for the additional material and labor to properly treat. This is mainly on homes that are very old and contain a lot of wood or when the sun has completely burned off the coating from the wood causing need to treat entire surface.

Wood Eaves:

The type of wood typically used on the eaves is a type that is more susceptible to small hairline cracks. These cracks are extremely common and are the only ones on the home we do not fill individually with patch material unless severe or requested. In such cases there is an additional charge which includes scrape and treat of elastomeric (“elastokote”) prior to paint. That requires the crew to do that on each individual square of eave space. The photo below illustrates an example of the common cracks along these eaves. Standard protocol makes them look better but not perfect unless we take that extra treatment step.

*In every single proposal there is a clause which states “If eaves are painted the trim color additional costs could be added.” We get a lot of questions as to what this is referring to. Our standard protocol is to take the body color of the home and wrap it up under the eaves and then to do the outer trim/fascia boards in the “trim” color in most cases. If it is requested to do the eaves the same as the trim it requires us to mask everywhere where body of home meets the eaves. Doing this around the entire home requires several additional labor hours and is to be determined depending on size and layout of the home. The photo below represents a home where the eaves are painted the same as the outer trim boards. Doing it this way is what would require such additional labor. Also homes where the gable is two tone color usually requires that we do the eaves the same as the trim color as illustrated in another photo below.

Most proposals offer a critical application of “Seal Krete Original.” The wording is described as follows “* Option to apply initial coating around entire exterior of house with “Seal Krete Original” by Dunn Edwards prior to paint coatings. Technically the correct protocol to avoid failure of the product to adhere to “chalky”
paint. Keeps warranty 100% intact without any risk **does not include perimeter fencing unless specified**

This option is meant to reset the surface from scratch so the old “chalky” paint does not interfere with the new paint coating potentially causing peeling. The product is a transparent coating that provides 100% adhesion for top coat and validates the warranty. This is essential in order to make sure the warranty holds up for the project against peeling and flaking. If new product is compromised due to old coating the warranty does not extend itself, however is this option is selected then the warranty against peeling and flaking is 100% valid.

*Despite the importance being outlined, as we do with all “additionally recommended” protocols, Seal Krete will be listed on proposal separately with corresponding price. Ultimately the decision to do it is that of the customer, however if the customer declines the recommended Seal Krete option they run the risk that it could impact the warranty.

Even the mildest of chalk can present a peeling issue after the fact that is not covered under warranty unless seal krete application was applied to bind old surface (pictures shown illustrate what can happen when chalky undercoating compromises top coat. The second group of pictures illustrate examples of what we look for when evaluating how severe the chalk is when estimating):

Evaluation examples:

Severe chalking:

Medium Chalking:

Mild Chalking:

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