How to Patch a Hole in Your Wall

Stucco can endure for 100 years or more, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be ever destroyed. Cracks and holes that develop in the surface let in water that can quickly lead to further damage to the stucco and the surfaces. This is why you need to check your stucco for signs of damage. The following are some tips you can follow when repairing your stucco.   

Remove the Loose Stucco

Take off all loose or otherwise damaged stucco in the repair area by tapping it with a hammer and a cold chisel. Break away loose pieces until what remains are solid parts. However, be extra careful that you do not damage the wood beneath the light materials or sheathing.

Add Building Paper

Patch the damages using two pieces of grade D building paper. This will help cover the exposed wood materials and create an efficient moisture barrier. This way, the inside will not develop any molds or other contaminants that will cause future damages.

Install Metal Lath

Cut a piece of galvanized metal mesh stucco lath, using metal snips. As with the building paper, the lath should match the repair area so there are no gaps between the lath and the edges of the original stucco. This part requires a bit of expertise. In case you need any help, do not hesitate to contact us. We can dispatch stucco painting professionals to help you with your project.

Mix the First Batch of Stucco

Mix a batch of quick-setting repair stucco, following the manufacturer’s directions, using a drill and mixing paddle or, for large quantities, a mortar mixer.

Keep the mixed stucco in a shaded area, and be ready to apply it as soon as it is mixed. Quick-dry stucco typically has a working time of 45 minutes or less, so mix only as much as you can apply in that time.

Coat before applying the final stucco

Ones it is all set, apply the scratch coat around the patch area. This will help prevent premature drying. Next, mix a batch of stucco for the second coat. You may use brown or coat.  Let the brown coat sure as directed. As a final step, you need to mix another batch of stucco for the final color. You can use a standard color or custom color depending on the look that you want to achieve.

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