How to Prevent Your Paint from Peeling

Peeling paint is a problem that affects all surfaces – drywall, stucco, fence, and even pools. The issue can occur immediately after a long period or sometimes when the paint job is not done well.

The good news is there are things you can do to prevent your paint from peeling. Read on to learn how to protect your wall and enjoy a long-lasting paint job. 

Waterweakens the adhesive bond between the paint and your wall. So, if the paint is starting to crack or peel, it can indicate that there is a water leak in your home. Other signs of water leakage can include a bulge, crack, or detached layer. To prevent water damage, you can use sealants to block water and other substances from coming into contact with your wall. Try to check some areas in your home where water can potentially pass. It could be a hole in your drywall or roofing system. Have a professional conduct a full home inspection to spot problem areas in your interior and prevent your paint from peeling further. Otherwise, this can quickly turn into a bigger problem.

When your home is too hot, the condensation from the air can cause moisture to be trapped among the many surfaces in your home. That is why most of your interior paints would crack and peel. In cities like Gilbert, Chandler, and Mesa where the weather is almost sunny, peeling paints is not an unusual issue. 

There are things you can do to regulate the flow of air in your home such as opening your windows to let humid air pass through. Installing an air conditioning system will also help drive out moist air and bring in dry one. In most cases, painting experts can recommend the best type of paint for the type of weather you have in your location. 

The maximum humidity level for applying oil-based paint is 90°F while the maximum temperature for applying latex is 85°F. The most ideal humidity level for painting is between 60°F and 85°. If the temperature falls below 40°F, there is a need to reschedule. A good contractor should be able to tell you the impact of humidity level when applying and maintaining paint. 

If you’re still planning to repaint your home, it is important to prep the surface correctly. Poorly prepared surfaces can create bulges, holes, and cracks once the paint has dried. Several steps painting contractors will undergo to prepare your wall such as stripping old paints and grinding them to achieve a smoother surface. Initially, they will inspect your home for holes and cracks, and then repair it if necessary. 

Pressure washing or water blasting may be done on surfaces that are greatly affected by grimes and mold. If there are gaps in your walls, painting contractors will wash them with soapy water and then seal them after drying. To remove excess elements and debris, workers will also sand it. The goal is to have a dry and smooth surface so the paint can stick well. 

 Heat can cause paint to dry faster, preventing it from forming a strong bond with the wall. Nowadays, there is heat-resistant paint that can be used for exterior walls and stucco to last a lifetime. Your painting contractor can recommend to you the best type and brand of paint to use for your walling. The extra protective coating may be also applied on interior walls that are often exposed to sunlight.

Different paints and primers are designed for different surfaces. Some are designed for concrete while others are ideal for wooden structures. For example, oil-based and latex-based paints are ideal primers for concrete surfaces. If you are not sure which type of paint you should use for a particular material, you must connect with a professional painter to ensure a high-quality paint job. If you use the wrong primer for your walling, it won’t take long before it starts peeling away. 

There is a reason why different types and sizes of brushes exist in the market. That is because they are used specifically to fulfill a particular paint application. Painters also follow a unique methodology when painting your home. 

Hiring the right painter will matter in terms of results. At BGB Painting, we have licensed and certified painting contractors who have extensive experience in painting different materials for residential and commercial properties. We can recommend the best paint and use the best painting method for your home. 

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