what makes a good painting contractor

The colors of your commercial establishment speak loudly about the paint brand and your painting contractor. A fresh coat of paint is one of the least expensive ways to revitalize the ambiance of your building. However, since a commercial painting job demands perfection, you need a painting company that can do the job with precision and due diligence.

Finding a good painting contractor can take time without the proper guidance. Today on the blog, we have run down the five qualities you should look for when picking a commercial painting contractor in your area.


Find a painting contractor who clearly understands their paints, color scales, and application techniques. Many companies will claim they are experts in all types of painting jobs but it’s hard to find a painting contractor who specializes mainly in painting commercial buildings. That is because commercial painting requires knowledge about the right type of paint to use for different types of walling, hues, and the number of coats needed for a particular property. Always check their portfolio before hiring them.  


As you may know, painting companies handle more than one client at a time. So, make sure you find someone who can create a feasible timeline for your project. Painters who fall begin schedule can cause delays and create issues with business operations happening on your premises. Try to request a proposed timeframe and agree on a schedule. Always provide time allowance with your deadlines. The right commercial painting company should strive to ensure minimal disruption in their job. 


A good painting contractor must have certification and insurance. Painting high-rise buildings, apartments, and townhouses involve a lot of risks. Hence, you should request proof of valid insurance, including some certifications from state-approved organizations and authorities for their fitness of doing the job. 

Competitive Pricing

Qualified commercial painters must provide a written estimate detailing the costs and labor expenses of the paint job you are requesting. With this, you must find a contractor that suits your budget without compromising quality.


Lastly, you should find out what previous clients are talking about the company. Look through their website for feedback. If you know some of the past customers, do not be afraid to ask them questions about their experience and whether they’ve had problems working with the painting contractor you’re about to hire. A good painting contractor should have positive feedback from previous customers. Good stories usually spread easily for a painting company that does the job well. 

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A new coat of paint is an excellent way to enhance the curb appeal of any commercial space. If you need a fast and reliable commercial painting company in Chandler, feel free to message us today. 

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