When to Call a Drywall Repair Contractor

As homeowner, you want your house to look and feel great. However, as time goes by certain areas in your home will wear and tear. One of the most common damages in homes start with the drywall. What is a drywall? A drywall is the big wall in your home that usually divides spaces or create barrier between the interior and external invironment. Whether it is made of plywood, concrete, wood, or gypsum.

Regardless of the material used, drywalls can suffer damages due to many factors including ordinary wear and tear, friction, or sudden bumps from major furniture in your home. When you see signs of damage, it is important to call a professional drywall repair contractor to help you fix the damage properly.

At BGB Painting, you can always get hold of the professional help you need for your drywall. The following are some of the most common signs of drywall damage. Call us right away if you see any of these signs.

Water stains in your ceiling or obvious signs of water damage

When one of your pipes is damaged, it can cause water to leak to your drywall. This explains the stains on your wall. Without immediate and proper remedy, this minor issue can weaken the structural integrity of your drywall. Hence, it is important to call for professional help and get your drywall checked. More severe cases can include a flooded drywall, which can trigger growth of molds. Also call us if you see loosened joint tape or cracks.

Visible Cracks on your Drywall

A crack on your drywall could mean that your drywall is not installed properly.  It is also possible that your drywall has suffered lesion due to fluctuating temperature, leaking water, or improper painting job. Most cracks can occur normally near the doors, windows, and corner. Sometimes, smaller cracks can involve bigger damage when we try to diagnose the issue. Before it turns into an inconvenient repair, it is important that you contact our team for help.

A big hole on your wall

Most holes can easily be repaired using DIY methods. But if your drywall has a hole that is more than 6 inches in diameter, it may need replacement. We need to assess the extent of damage and the position of the wall before we can recommend the best possible solution.

Large popping nails, screws, hinges, etc.

Nails or screws can pop out for many reasons. But if it seems to be a recurring problem, the issue could be not just with nails.  Sometimes, the source could be a falling drywall or weakening structure.  Moreover, if your drywall is made of woods and was previously flooded, the materials can shrink resulting into lose nails. If the issue continues to recur, you should contact us immediately.

 Save yourself time and energy! The experts at BGB Painting are professionally trained to repair or replace a drywall. Our team can also refinish your walls with a new coat of paint once the job is done. Choose whatever paint color you like and we will grant your desires.

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