What are the different factors that cause discoloration on your wall?

Paint can lose its quality over time. Under normal conditions, it can fade away by soiling or slights accumulation of dirt. But when can you safely say it is time to repaint your walls? Are there any factors that affect discoloration? 

The quick answer is yes. It’s a good idea to know the different factors causing discoloration on your wall so you know the best course of action to take to resolve this issue. Check this out. 


Mildew is probably the most common cause of house paint discoloration. It is a form of stan fungi or microscopic elements that can grow in areas with excess moisture and cold temperature. The most common species of mildew are black. Some are green, red, or almost dark green in color. It grows more specifically in painted concrete. If a portion of your wall has mildew on it, the first that you should scrape them off. Then you can dry the area to prevent it from coming back.

Water-Soluble Extractives

Wooden materials often experience color discoloration due to the natural-repelling elements from bare woods. For example, if you apply paint on untreated wood, there is a high chance that it will absorb the paint over time. As result, some of your walls can show thicker paint while other parts are faded. To remedy this situation, you can use an oil-based or stain-resistant primer or latex primer to close all the pores of the wooden material. 


Corrosion from metals and irons can cause reddish to brown-stains on your walls. This can happen around the hinges of your doors, windows, or grills. When standard ferrous nails are used on exterior siding and then painted, it can also cause discoloration. To prevent rust stains, use corrosion-resistant nails such as galvanized, stainless steel, and aluminum nails. Poor-quality galvanized nails can corrode easily and just like ferrous nails, they can cause unsightly staining of the wood and paint. 

Blue Stain

Blue stain is another type of stain caused by microscopic fungi. It commonly occurs on wooden walls. Compared with mildew stain, a blue stain can occur in parts of your home that is about to decay. To prevent it, good construction and painting practices must be in place. Look for a reputable painting contractor to give you a professional painting job. 


Paint discoloration is very common. Even if the painting job is done well, your walls can easily develop stains. That is why it is always good to find a good painting company to fix your paint issues. If you experienced any of these issues, feel free to contact BGB Painting services. 

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